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Shipping Agency engaged in Worldwide Container Transport

MSC is a privately-owned company, founded in 1970, one of the leading global shipping lines of the world.


THC increase in Finland 01.05.2014
MSC Finland kindly requests all its clients to note the THC (Terminal Handling Charge) will increase in all Finnish ports with Bill of Lading date on or after 01.05.2014 as follows:

EUR 130 / container for dry and special equipment 20/40
EUR 170 / container reefer equipment 20/40

Please contact sales@hel.mscfinland.com for additional information if needed  
MSC Finland kindly reminds all clients that the keep from freezing season has started.
MSC is unfortunately in no position to know which of the cargo types require warm storage after arrival to the port of discharge.
Hence the customer must ensure to move the goods into warm storage or to notify MSC Finland after receiving arrival notice/release note to arrange the move.

Costs for warm storage move is EUR 70 per container and can best be done by email to import@hel.mscfinland.com.
The storage costs will be charged at cost per container per day  
Christmas and New Year feeder closing times
Kindly note our Christmas and New Year special feeder closing times which are available at http://www.mscfinland.com/our_services/THISWEEK.pdf
If you need any special arrangements please contact fops@hel.mscfinland.com  

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